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Free up time, make sales consistent, and speed up conversions

Make sales fun and close more deals, by automating everything all your outbound and prospect nurturing. Put customers straight into automated sequences and set up automated workflows.

  • Create nurture sequences

  • Add emails, calls, SMS, tasks and even FB messenges

  • Automate task management

  • Automate reminders for forms, calendars and invoices

  • Contact triggers: replied, opened email, form fill, and more

  • Pipeline triggers and workflows

Convert clients quicker with dynamic AI

Use dynamic triggers to direct the flow of activity in a multiple of different ways.

  • Actions triggered based on email events

  • Triggers based on orders

  • Triggers from forms being filled

  • AI reads emails and can reply based on content or assign other actions

  • AI appointment booking bot

  • Calendar based triggers

Funnel builder

Win more deals by increasing appointment 'shows up' to 100%

Build unlimited calendars in OneCRM, give them different names, assign them to a team, or an individual, and automate everything after booking.

  • Unlimited calendars

  • Create round robin calendars

  • Automate email and SMS reminders

  • Automate follow ups after meetings

  • Event bookings and webinars

  • Integrate into Zoom, Gmail, and Teams

Things just got a lot more simple

Make speaking to customers easy with ONE inbox for every channel

With inbuilt chat on social, phone and email

It can be pretty frustrating to try manage so many inboxes. We make it easy with one inbox for everything: Email,

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Website Chat Widget, & SMS? We integrate with all of them! Seamless talk to your customers, where ever they are, from 1 inbox!

Sales and marketing

Now that's what I call Sales Management

Track everything at a company level and sales agent level.

  • Emails sent and opens

  • Calls made, and answered

  • Voicemails

  • New opportunities created

  • Closes and conversions

  • Agent based performance scoring

Meet the team

Award winning enthusiast leading the team

Alastair Mackenzie


Founder and automation enthusiast. With 15 years sales and marketing experience.

Gergana Dramova

Head of Marketing

Driven by perfection Gergana heads up all of our marketing activity and ensures brand performance

Hugh Furness

Commercial Director

Experienced in growing multimillion dollar enterprises Hugh now leads us into our success of growth.

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To effectively sell digital products, or services, online, it is crucial to have a user-friendly platform that not only delivers your content beautifully, but also increases conversions and maximizes customer value. OneCRM was created to address these needs and allow for smooth business operations without the stress of managing technology.

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